The Half Baked meal (Athebryn & Matsuro)

One cool evening after the crazy events of Riddleport, Athebryn is trying to come up with as many creative ways of extending the food they have as possible; the quality of the food is certainly not what the veterans of the caravan are used to but is a necessary evil, the unfortunate grey stew comprising of meat extended with grains and anything else, tastes alright but certainly doesn’t look it.

Matsuro isn’t stupid, he knows this is necessary, but he also clearly remembers the little beast kicking him when he was down, so takes the opportunity on the slightly stressed Athebryn showing his less than best.

“What exactly do you call this? You expect me to eat this?” snarls Matsuro as Athebryn drops a plate infront of it.

“I would call this food, if it’s not up to your standard, oh purple blooded one, then i’ll happily divide it amongst the others.” Athebryn turns and walks back towards the main camp.

“Purple blooded…? Oh, i see… cause i’m half blue blooded!”

“Hpmth. Well half-sized outsider, i’ll eat this food, and i have to compliment you on it. The presentation of this food far surpasses those smearings you do on canvas.”

Athebryn’s bouncy steps come to a stop, a visible shiver climbs from his toes to his head, as his hat becomes stiff and tall. Athebryn slowly turns and in an uncommon voice retorts,
“My meals may not be to your needs but it is to the people of this camp. You may dislike what i make or paint, but at least i make my own fortune, i make my own fame, i earn who i am.”

Athebryn pauses, and bows; “I forget myself, I suppose that you can make such judgements on food and art due to the royal blood of your mother,” as he stands up, lifting his chin, “…too bad you have the taste and culture from your pig-farmer father.”

Gob smacked, Matsuro throws the plate of food at Athebryn, the pastey substance sticking firmly to his side. Athebryn does not react, instead he turns and continues to walk back into camp. Seeing his loss, Matsuro skulks away hungry, hiding further from the main camp. (Continues onto And Extended Hand ? )

Walking back into camp Ameiko and Shay have a slight smirk as they see the food on Athebryn; “Not to his majesty’s taste.” Athebryn says as he walks past.

“Hey, is it just me, or did he just look a bit taller?” Ameiko whispers to Shalelu, but as quickly as she whispers the serious air of Athebryn dissipates into the cool breeze and smiles fall upon the caravan at the sight of everything sticking to the congealed mess on Athebryn’s side.

“He looks the same to me,” giggles Shalelu.

The Half Baked meal (Athebryn & Matsuro)

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