Ameiko, aided by her companions enacted swift change across the empire. As one, the nation embraced her and hailed her champions as national heroes.

Within the year, the depredations of the oni is only a memory. With the powers of the Jade Throne and tempered with kindness and direction from her companions, the prosperity of Minkai flowed through all levels of social class.

With her knack for diplomacy and use of her advisors, relations with other countries were quickly mended and the trade between nations quickly flourished.

The armies of Minkai quickly drove the remaining oni from the land and then under orders of the Generals and the Empress, turned their attention to building the nation up. Under the protection of an army that could be trusted, exploration, expansion and founding of new settlements rose throughout the heartlands.

Under Ameiko’s rule, no son, daughter or parent was lost to war. Ameiko oversaw the longest period of peace in Minkai’s long history.

By the time of Ameiko’s passing, Minkai was the leading force in the region and was an economic powerhouse with strong diplomatic relations from throughout both Tian Xia and Golarion. National mourning is long but celebratory with visiting dignitaries coming from thousands of miles to honour a true diplomat.

A true empress of the people, Ameiko was interred as the most beloved of Minkai’s ruler.


Adelaide Jade Regent

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