Kelda Oxgutter

A tall woman with a piercing gaze, Kelda's battle song can shake the courage of even the strongest foe.


Kelda stands just shy of 6’ and is clad in scalemail wrapped in furs of her homeland. With a razor sharp sword in one hand and an iron shield in the other, Kelda happily throws herself into any battle she feels worthwhile. And if cowards run, then the Ulfen made javelins on her back often find their mark.

Every battle is started with a challenging clanging of her sword on her shield before a mighty Ulfen battle roar, a prayer to her God, erupts from her lips.


Kelda is the last remaining member of her raiding group. Hailing from the frozen north in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, Kelda learnt the ways of battle early. Never letting the men in her tribe best her, she quickly took over the leadership of one of their raiding groups.

She has sailed and trekked for over a year with her men before they fell prey to a Sea Drake outside the ruins of Brinewall Castle. Her men were lost but Kelda slew the creature before heading towards the castle to finish her quest of looting the remaining treasures. However, her injuries were still grave and she was quickly overcome by the denizens and thrown into the dungeons.

Now freed by the Caravan, she has sworn her sword to them for the time being. She would like to return to her homeland in time but until then, is happy enough to act as a guard or driver for her new companions.

Kelda Oxgutter

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