Matsuro Kaijitsu

A young, handsome Tian man who is Ameiko's half brother and founder of the Seven Swords Company


Matsuro is Ameiko’s younger half-brother and founder of the adventuring group, The Seven Swords.

Matsuro was the second child that their mother had by an illicit affair. The first was Tsutso, a half-elf boy that became quite the scandal in Sandpoint. Two years later, Mutsuro was born but to a different, and human, father.

The tragic tale of the Kaijitsu family was only going to get worse from here. Lonjitsu, Matsuro’s step-father, murdered their mother by pushing her off the Sandpoint cliffs. Tsutso knew what Longjitsu had done but had no proof. The two constantly fought and in one particular fiery fight, Ameiko tried to quell both sides but was struck by both men. She ran away to Riddleport that same day to become an adventurer. She was 16. Tsutso, 14, left not long after.

This left Matsuro in the care of Lonjitsu who both resented and neglected him and he has hated both his siblings ever since for abandoning him. When he turned 14, his brother returned to Sandpoint with a tribe of goblins and murdered Lonjitsu before kidnapping the recently returned Ameiko.

He held her in the family glassworks factory before she freed herself and killed him in her escape. As the direct heir of Lonjitsu, Ameiko inherited the family holdings and factory. She offered Matsuro a place in her home but he turned his back on her and apprenticed himself to a retired warrior. Ever since then, he has gone out of his way to discredit, insult or humiliate the Kaijitsu name. Now that he is 19, he is a strong and handsome man who is quite popular in the town despite being little more than a braggart and bully. This has led him to be in several run-ins with various personalities, including Shalelu, her sister and her apprentice. Each time he has come off second best.

He honestly believes the family fortune should have been left to him as he was the only one that stayed and suffered the abuse of the family patriarch.

Matsuro Kaijitsu

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