Luthien Andosana

Luthien is a beautiful elven dancer covered in beautiful green and brown scarves.


Luthien was born in the Elven village of Crying Leaf. Crying Leaf is a small village near the edge of the Merani Forest, established for the prime purpose of containing the drow in the abandoned Elven city of Celwynvian.

Due to it’s proximity to Celwynvian, the elves in Crying Leaf live an austere life. They are all vegetarians, they have no inns, taverns or stores and there is the constant threat of drow attack.
Luthien and her twin sister Shalelu, were born into a scout family. Their parents were scouts, constantly patrolling the forest around Celwynvian for evidence that the drow were moving out into the world. Luthien and Shalelu’s father died in a brutal attack by a bugbear assassin just after they were born, leaving their mother to bring up two young children on her own.

Shalelu and Luthien were very different children. Shalelu was serious and dedicated to her chosen craft. Luthien, the younger twin, was carefree and never very interested in working or settling into a career, especially nothing that involved traipsing through the forest chasing drow. Shalelu actively tried to stop her younger sister from adventuring, taking on a parenting role after their father died.

As Luthien grew older she started to wonder about the pull from the forest that Shalelu felt. She would wait until Shalelu went on missions to Celwynvian and sneak after her. Shalelu was a good ranger so Luthien had to hone her sneaking skills well to follow unnoticed. She followed Shalelu several times to the fallen elven city and further honed her skills, avoiding the demons and drow patrolling the city.

When the twins were still young adults, their mother, Seanthia, met and married a human mercenary, Jakardos. Jakardos had come to Crying Leaf with his mercenary company to make money killing Drow. Shalelu seemed to like Jakardo and looked on him like a father. Luthien didn’t particularly care for him one way or the other. She had always been a dramatic child and thought her parents love was an epic romance, ending in tragedy as all the great legends did. Epic legends never ended with the remaining love marrying a human. Seanthia was killed by a green dragon, Jakardos left Crying Leaf without saying goodbye to his stepdaughters. Shalelu was shattered at yet another loss and left Crying Leaf. She could not leave her only remaining family behind and took Luthien with her.

The twins wandered through the wilderness of Varisia for a few years, until they ended up in the new settlement of Sandpoint. By this time Luthien was absolutely certain that the forest and anything to do with it were not for her. For the first time in her life she was surrounded by beings other than elves, and an exciting bustling settlement. She became lost in the excitement and heterogeneity of a human settlement for some years, the only skill being developed, people watching. Meanwhile Shalelu was developing her formidable ranger skills and taking her revenge on the whole goblinoid race for the death of her father. She took an elven protege, Theibar, and spent far more time with him killing goblins than with her civilisation loving sister. Shalelu and Luthien remained very dedicated to each other, even though they did not spend much time together.

As a beautiful elven woman with deep blue black hair and violet eyes, Luthien’s stealth and her way of lulling others into a false sense of security, came to the notice of the Kaijitsu family. The family aides were under a great deal of pressure having lost several members to accidents and family tragedies. They began teaching Luthien the eastern ways of the Ninja. She developed skills in fighting, infiltration and diplomacy, all under the guise of being a dancer. Her diaphanous flowing silken scarves, spring loaded wrist sheathes and fans hide deadly blades.

It seemed that finally Luthien would have the chance to step out of her sister’s shadow and into her own shadowed destiny……

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Luthien Andosana

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