Theibar Temidus

Reserved and often mistaken as cold but overtly polite and a lover of all things nature has to offer.


Race: Elf
Sex: Male
Age: 129
Height: 6’ 2"
Eyes: Violet
Skin: Pale greyish green
Hair: Silver

Class: Ranger
Weapon Style: Dual Blades
Weapons of choice: Elven Thinblade and Elven Shortblade
Campaign Trait: ‘Student Survivalist’ to Shalelu
Personal Traits: ‘Left Behind’ and ‘Starchild’

Deity: Desna
Favoured Attributes: Dexterity, Wisdom
Secondary Attributes: Intelligence, Strength, Charisma
Neglected Attributes: Constitution

Theibar’s height is by far his most discernible feature. He stands almost half a foot taller than most elves, making him significantly taller than most other races. Height is a common trait in the Temidus line.

Theibar’s current complexion is a result of his time spent in the local grass- and woodlands around Sandpoint. Prior to his residence in Sandpoint, Theibar has developed a much darker tone that reflected the dense forests and mountain ranges he inhabited previously.


Theibar Temidus is, in most respects, a fairly gentle individual. His connection to the natural world is only surpassed by that of the woodland spirits. In fact, should he have been given the opportunity, he may have followed the path of Druids, however, fate it seemed had other plans.

Theibar has been a member of the Sandpoint community for some 20 years now. He first stumbled upon the small coastal town during an expedition into Tickwood in search for new pelts and hides. It was fortuitous that at the time, there were no other leather merchants within Sandpoint, and Theibar seized the opportunity to earn some additional coin.

The local inhabitants of Sandpoint were gracious and accepting of an additional Elven resident and quickly weeks turned into months and months turned into years. Theibar found himself enjoying the company of the Elven families of Sandpoint, and learned to tolerate the local human population. Until this point in time, Theibar had considered all humans to be a plague upon the world. In fact, in some respects his opinion has not changed. Though he has learned to enjoy the company of humans and even calls some of them his friends, in his opinion, the greatest quality in a human being is their choice not to procreate.

How Theibar came to become Shalelu’s apprentice is unknown to most of Sandpoint. Where the humans and Gnomes who care for such gossip would spout accusations of a hidden love affair, the Elven population simply accept Theibar and Shalelu’s arrangement. The truth is, their relationship was simply logical. Perhaps on Shalelu’s part, she wished to give Theibar a greater appreciation for the hides and pelts he peddled. For Theibar, Shalelu was mysterious and earthy, and another who shared his passion for nature.

In general Theibar is likable. He is polite and gracious, and usually willing to provide a helping hand should anyone ask. There is, however, talk of his much darker side. A side no one currently living in Sandpoint has ever seen in its entirety. There is no secret that Theibar cannot abide rudeness. Some may remember a day not long after he had arrived in Sandpoint, a foolish Halfling accused Theibar’s goods of being counterfeit furs and refused to apologise for such an outrageous accusation. Theibar considered the Halfling’s stupidity to be utterly insulting and disrespectful to the creatures who has given their lives for Theibar’s craft. He simply proceeded to bow graciously at the Halfling and kick him, sending the fool flying across the market square and into a fruit peddler’s prize melon. Theibar apologised to the peddler and offered to purchase all of the peddler’s goods he was selling that day to make amends for the Halfling destroying his glorious melon. From that point on, no one dared accuse his goods of being of low standard. It then quickly became known that the price you would pay for rudeness in Theibar’s presence is far greater than the cost of a simple smile and a polite ‘thank you’.

Theibar’s ancestry is traceable to the days of Elven exile. It was a Temidus patriarch who, among others, remained in the Iadara capital during Earthfall. The Temidus line were only a few left relatively unchanged over the centuries. Only prior to Treerazer’s appearance in Kyonin did a number of Temidus Elves decide to brave the journey west. It was thought that these few elves saw the coming darkness of Treerazer’s presence in Kyonin, though some would simply refute that it is impossible to see darkness looming in a world with no light. Eventually, the Temidus elves found their way as far west as the Mierani Forest that lay northwest in present day Varisia. Already occupied by a number of high elves, almost untouched by the world’s darkness, the Temidus settled and awaited the return of the brethren.

Many centuries passed and the Mierani Forest quickly became a strong Elven community. Though the Temidus family were never consider noble, they are remembered as being resilient and courageous, willing to forego the beauty of the elven exile and remain in the world they called home. There are some rumours among the older, bitter elves that the Temidus family foresaw the vile indignities that Treerazer would bring upon the Sovyrian Stone and ignored their Elven duties to help protect it. However such rumours are rarely uttered these days as many of those who held such original thoughts have long since passes, taking their venomous accusations with them.

Theibar holds his lineage close to his heart. He attempts to find beauty in his world where so much darkness still remains. It is without a doubt that the tales of his family’s choices to remain during Earthfall that he attributes as his reason for feeling a strong connection with this world’s flora and fauna. He has wondered what the exiled lands would be like, but feels in his heart that any connection he felt to that world would pale in comparison to his connection to this one.

More to come…


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Theibar Temidus

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