A Boat Trip

Luthien was sitting at the caravan planning the evening’s entertainment. She was not really paying attention to her tasks as she was still taken aback by Ameiko’s comment about the training she and Matsuro still did each morning.
“It is just training” she thought, “I don’t know why they think it is anything else”
While she was thinking, a group of locals approached her twittering about a special elf dance. Luthien was not really keen about the local’s zest for touching the fellowship. She took out her scarf (not the bladed one, although it was tempting) and battle fans and started to perform her kata. It became increasingly difficult to make the intricate moves while the locals were chattering and trying to touch her.
She saw a flash of movement approaching her and looked up with frustration. Thinking to discourage the locals from touching her by making sure they wouldn’t risk the sharp blades on the battle fan, she flashed the fan towards the newcomer in a spinning move at throat height. She was startled when Matsuro’s arm shot out and grabbed her wrist, effectively stopping the spin.

“Sorry, I thought you were one of the locals”, she spun into him and whispered in his ear “but the training is paying off, that was very quick”.

Suddenly Luthien’s face blazed red as she realised she was flirting. “So this is what Ameiko was talking about” she mused. " And this is what everyone sees".
Matsuro had a strange smirk on his face as he looked back towards the hill where Theibar still stood, memories of their conversation sill ringing in his ears.

“I was planning on taking a boat trip on the lake” he stammered, “for training of course.” He looked slightly embarrassed when he realised he was still holding Luthien’s wrist.

“I would like that”, Luthien said, still quite red, “for training purposes of course.”

The next morning, when Matsuro awoke, he found a parcel wrapped in a brightly coloured Tian scarf. When he opened it he found a strangely made throwing knife. It was definitely Elven in craftsmanship but the markings were distinctly Tian. A note was tied to the hilt.

“Tomorrow we train with small, hidden weapons, Luthien”

A Boat Trip

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