A crabby affair

Everything is nice and quiet at the caravan camp, it’s about 3am when the squeaks and moans of Sandru’s caravan start to intensify.


Sandru jumps to action grabbing his sword, as he heads for the door he wonders what new monster has come to destroy his mostly fixed caravan.


Sandru stands up to see Athebryn holding out his foot. Sandru’s face scrosn a bit as Athebryn opens his big mouth.

‘Um, I didn’t mean to do that, i had to stop you. I meant more that I had crabs, and less that there are crabs of doom.’

Sqndru uninjured looks at Athebryn, wakes up fully and realises what he said.

“That’ll teach you to be out all hours of the night drink and cavorting!” Sandru murmurs in his best imitation of Koya.

Neither of the two are really firing on all cylinders, Athebryn is still drunk and Sandru is exhausted from the repairs, so there’s quite a delay before the belly laughter.

“No no no, your mummy, who you are so cruel to mimic, told me that you like crab. See I was drinking with a local..”

“There’s a surprise,” Sandru cuts into Athebryn waffly story before his string of words lasts forever, he knows it’s worse when he’s intoxicated and has quickly learnt to get points from Athebryn rather than odes.

“Hah, yeah. Now, what was I saying? I dunno, anyways the short of it, I drank more than the fisher man, and now I have crab. Not enough for the caravan but I thought you could do with a treat after all your hard slaving work on the wheels that carry a pricess across the treatures of ices…”

Sandrus eyes light up, and he starts pushing Athebryn out the caravan, “Are you fit for cooking?”

“Of course I’m fit! Jez, what do you take me for?”

“Get to it then!”

Athebryn sees a the family resemblance in that moment, and smiles as he starts to work as he would when Koya tells him to make his bed.

Crab isn’t really a breakfast food but he pulls out the mildly luminescent crab from his hat and he goes about cooking it while he sobers up in the process.
“This is great” remarked Sandru as he wafts the sent to his moustache.

“I’m not done yet.”

Athebryn tastes, swishes a flurry of flavours over the pots, tastes, repeast and this goes on for quite some time. By the time he finishes the crab Koya is up and has decided to join them, whether the duo likes it or not.

When the meal is done, the three sit quietly chatting, sucking the meat from each limb and discussing the wonders ahead. Athebryn is certain the worst is behind them, as ‘what could be worse than a almost god?’, Sandru is excited about the trading opportunities, and while Koya would not speak of the future in such a happy moment, she’s glad she has such a big family now all under the watchful eyes of Desna.

Aa the crab is expired so is Athebryn, Koya asks Sandru to take the sleeping gnome to bed, and she tucks him in; “You knew that crab meat was terrible right? You did a good job of masking it but it was still terrible” Koya whispers to Athebryn with a cheeky smile, he nods, “It’s ok, i know Sandru loved it all the same.”

A crabby affair

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