Ameiko Kaijitsu

Ameiko 2

Age 23
Height 5’6"
Eyes Dark
Skin Pale
Hair Black (Ameiko often dyes part of it white, purple or blue)
Faith Shelyn

Ameiko is a beautiful but somewhat irreverent woman of Tian descent who runs Sandpoint’s Rusty Dragon tavern and happens to be a member of one of Sandpoint’s founding families. Her parents and older siblings have met unfortunate ends over the past several years, leaving the young woman as the sole remaining Kaijitsu in town.

Ameiko may be among the town’s nobility, but she’s never really cared for the aristocracy—she’s always had an urge to explore, and loves hearing stories of adventures and daring deeds. She even spent a year or so as an adventurer herself, along with her friend Sandru Vhiski. Her short adventuring career earned her enough money to buy the Rusty Dragon outright, and she now serves as its sole proprietor in her “retirement.” You get the feeling, though, that abandoning the adventuring life wasn’t entirely her choice—certainly she doesn’t talk much about what happened
on her last adventure, or what happened to the others in her group.

And although she has a lot of friends and admirers in town, Ameiko has never accepted anyone as anything more than a friend; she dodges personal questions and diplomatically avoids proposals of romance, much to the frustration of several eager suitors here in Sandpoint.

She’s a talented singer and samisen player, and if she wanted to, Ameiko could certainly lead a comfortable life here in Sandpoint. You know her fairly well, however, well enough to know that she is growing increasingly bored and impatient with having nothing more to look forward to than a “safe life” in a “safe town.” If the chance to go on an epic voyage or other grand adventure ever presents itself, you’re convinced that Ameiko would sell the Rusty Dragon and set out once more to seek her fortune in a heartbeat.

Ameiko’s Theme

Ameiko’s Theme

Relationships – Stories List

Preferred Gifts: Exotic or beautiful works of art.
Hated Insults: Misogyny

Athebryn (26 – Fellowship): Ameiko has a genuine fondness for the little gnome. She has never met someone with such a zest for life and very little ever seems to get him down. She knows that others find him a little overwhelming but she figures that’s their problem. She won’t stand for anyone picking on him and will physically turf them out on their ear. The fact that they are both compulsive is a dangerous combination without the strong alcohol they like to imbibe but when combined, the results can range from humorous to scandalous.


While her other companions keep her grounded, the little gnome is the one that has managed to keep the crushing fear and uncertainty from overwhelming her. His quick smile and constant hijinks sometimes gives way to some stunningly cutting insight, even if it is wrapped in mirth and dirtiness. For this, Ameiko truly counts Athebryn as one of her closest friends.

Luthien (32 – Fellowship): Ameiko admires the elven woman’s grace and dances but she has always been a little unsure of her. Ameiko knew Luthien before Shalelu as Luthien was often at her family compound when she was very young. At first she was enamoured by the beautiful and exotic woman and she would sneak down to watch her train with her family’s retainers. After a few years though, she realized that elf was often nearby when she was getting into trouble and began to wonder if she was being trained to keep an eye on her. Because of this, Ameiko has always been a little cautious about what she says around her. She trusts her and often asks her to perform at her tavern but she feels that as an adult, she needs friends, not guardians.


Ameiko has accepted that the hidden presence of the elven woman will always be there and even finds it comforting now. At first, Ameiko could never see how Luthien and Shay were sisters but she come to see the quiet strength they both possess as well as loyalty to their friends.

Ameiko still finds Luthien’s grace and beauty intoxifying and enjoys being in her company for it calls to her faith in Shelyn, beauty will flourish even in the darkest of times. She is aware that her brother has also taken notice and she prays that Luthien may find a way in that she failed to do.


Ameiko’s relationship with the elven ninja has come full circle. As a child, she loved her elven shadow. She was always there when she was scared, always available when she wanted to play dress-up and a fun obstacle to Ameiko’s escape attempts to explore the town.

It soured slightly has she reached her teens and started to think of her as more of a gate-keeper than friend. She had been ordered by her family to always watch, always protect. She started to resent the woman she had adored as a child, she was now a shadow she did not want but could not rid herself from.

Now, Ameiko could not bare the thought of not having Luthien at her side. The ever-there presence of the elf was now a comfort again, a beautiful, deadly reassurance that helped push back the darkness that seemed to close on her from all sides. She feels remorse for way she treated her as a teenager, the accusations she threw at the woman who just took them and smiled while continuing her duty.

On the eve of their greatest challenge there was only some sadness left. She knew that if they were successful, Luthien would sit at her side for the entirety of her rule and Ameiko could not think of anything that would make her happier but surely she could not ask such a thing. Luthien now held the love of her brother, a human man, a love and relationship that would be fleeting to Luthien’s long life. She could not stand to take a single moment away from the two of them.

Theibar (32 – Fellowship): Ameiko has known Theibar for a few years now and often shouts him free drinks or board due to his relationship with Shalelu. However, he is also a little stubbornly tight-lipped and due to his long periods in the wilderness, she has never had a chance to get to know him. The two have had a few caravan trips together and she is working at plying him with alcohol to get him to open up, after all, it worked on Shalelu. As with Luthien, she admires his exotic looks and predatory grace.


Ameiko still carries much guilt about Theibar’s death and the harrowing experience he must have endured in his return through the Seal’s power. Coupled with her actions when struck with Night Madness, the usually extraverted Ameiko finds it hard to approach him now.

She has seen him swing between open happiness to dark moods and is concerned that fickle human nature still pulls at him. She knows that the road forward will reveal yet more human treachery but she hopes one day to show him a Kingdom of humans that are worthy of his respect and maybe even care.


While Ameiko still carries some heartbreak from Theibar’s sudden rejection of their blossoming relationship, Ameiko knows it was right. As a follower of Shelyn, the goddess of love, she recognised that it would have been an epic romantic tragedy. Theibar was now with the one he was meant to be and Ameiko got to witness Shalelu’s inner happiness blossom out for all to see. And for that, Theibar would always be a hero in her heart.

Now if only Theibar would stop recklessly placing his life in danger for her, it would make all the heart-ache worthwhile. She will not be responsible for Shalelu’s loss, if she cannot protect her friends, how could she run an empire. If any creature or person attempts to sever Theibar’s life force again, she will hunt that creature to the ends of the multiverse, using every resource at her disposal. Sometimes following the goddess of love means bringing unimaginable destruction down on something that would prevent such a rare perfection of a couple.

Jinko 22 – Fellowship): Ameiko has yet to really spend some time with the strange little fellow but she can already tell he is cut from a far different cloth than Athebryn. Jinko has been helpful to her friends and assisted in saving Shay and Kelda as well as regaining Suishen and for that she warmly welcomes him into the caravan. In return, she will assist in finding his parents.


The newest addition to their party is as strange as his kin but in a bewilderingly different way. Secretive and sneaky but willing and able to defend both the caravan and its crew, this is enough to win Ameiko’s respect and friendship.

She is concerned about which gnome is going to be the bad influence on the other but hopes some of Athebryn’s good nature rubs off on the seemingly dark gnome. However, either way, she will assist in anyway she can to rescue his parents from the Storm Generals.

Shalelu: Ameiko has never lacked for friends, her bright and warm personality mixed with her exotic looks made her one of the most popular people in town. But her closest friend is also the most unlikely. The two met when Shalelu would come to town to visit her sister at the Kaijitsu compound. Unlike many of the people around her, Shalelu did not give false pretensions or praise. However, Ameiko felt that the elven woman always looked as little distant and sad and so she went out of her way to make her feel welcomed in Sandpoint. This grew into a mutual friendship and eventually the two came quite close.

Sandru – Sandru and Ameiko have a complicated past. They were known to adventure together for a short time but it seemed to end in tragedy. Of their friends in the party, only Ameiko and Shandru returned home, neither ever speaking about what had happened. Almost immediately, Shandru up and left Sandpoint without a word leaving the distraught Ameiko alone. Shandru returned a couple of years later and the two have re-kindled their friendship but they still have awkward silences and still not mention their past endeavours.

Koya – Koya is a bit of a mother to everyone in town and Ameiko is no exception. Koya usually accompanies her adopted son, Sandru, on his caravan trade routes and so has spent some time with the young Tian. Ameiko enjoys Koya’s eccentric ways and the tales she tells and she often brings food from the tavern to Koya’s house when Sandru is away.

Ameiko Kaijitsu

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