An Extended Hand

On the evening before the caravan’s arrival in Riddleport, Theibar approaches Matsuro with an offer of roasted Wolf shank.

“This is the nicest piece of the beast.” He says, holding it towards the sour faced human. Matsuro looks hesitant. “Do not worry; I have no laced it with anything of detriment.”
Matsuro gingerly accepts the cut, studied it for a moment and tastes. His sour complexion softens slightly. As with most meal time, Matsuro sits apart from the rest of the group; for most of the companions, this suits just fine.

Theibar takes a seat next to Matsuro and the two sit in silence for a few moments.
“I have shown you little respect, Matsuro, and for that I apologise. Despite your questionable conduct, you deserve respect equal to any who travel with this caravan.

“I fail to understand your behaviour or disliking towards my kind. It is not through a lack of exposure to us. I watched you grow into this person who sits beside me today, this person who is a complete stranger.

“I harbour you no ill will, Matsuro. I believe we have been ignorant of what the Ametatsu legacy means to you and your own destiny. However, you must realise that hostility and arrogance will be met with a swift rebuke. Recall that it was Luthien, Athebryn, Shelalu and I that retrieved you from Brinewall and tended your wounds. If you make the choice of accompanying this caravan north, you must also choose to distil your demeanour. I for one will embrace and protect you as I would any member of this caravan, if you are willing to do the same.”

Matsuro’s expression hardens once again and Theibar sees in him that small child who had once charged through the markets of Sandpoint with wooden katana in hand. With a sigh, Theibar stands and moves to rejoin the main group.

“Why did you come here?” Matsuro asks, his voice hoarse from silence. Without turning, Theibar glances back, “I was given advice by the most unlikely individual. She told me not to allow myself to draw hatred towards your kind. She suggests that I embrace a love that she has struggled to achieve.” Theibar turns and kneels before Matsuro, in an effort to seem less intimidating. “I have decided that if I can find within you an equal footing and perhaps even a friendship, then I can learn to appreciate humans. And perhaps, you will learn to trust Elves too.”

“Who gave you this profound advice?” spat Matsuro.

Theibar allows a slight devilish smile to creep across his face. “Shelalu!” and with that, he stood and into the night, leaving Matsuro wide-eyed and perplexed

An Extended Hand

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