Final Lesson

While the caravan still sleeps and dark of the night still blankets the Lost Coast, Theibar finds Shalelu sitting quietly at the dying fire. Wrapped in her cloak a subtle hand motion bids him to sit.

She stares into the embers for sometime before turning her head towards her old apprentice. Pale blue yes appraise him for sometime before she speaks. Her voice is low and surprisingly soft.

“Do not become me” She stops, screws up her face a little before shaking her head.

“I do not want to see you walk a lonely path my friend. We act so old but we are young and when I watch my sister or Ameiko, I see their love for life. And then there is Athebryn…….”

Shalelu takes a swig from her wineskin before handing it over. “It may sound hypocritical from me, as I have dedicated my life to destroying a race but I am concerned you are hardening your heart towards humankind. I don’t pretend to make light of any unfortunate dealings you may have had with them, and they puzzle and confound me so but I have found greater enjoyment with them than I did with my own people”.

Shalelu starts poking the embers with a stick trying to re-ignite them. “Please do not take that as a criticism, I believe your knowledge and ability to judge and fight them will be paramount on our journey, but I hope that you will take the chance to embrace them as well. This journey will shape the lives of Ameiko and others but it just a small drop in our lifespan”.

“No elf chooses to be forlorn, we just forget how to live I think. I wish to see Ameiko on the throne, that is her legacy, but also the end of her travels. I hope it just the start of ours”.

With a frustrated sigh, she throws the stick into the unresponsive embers and stands. Grabbing her bow, she nods in the direction of a small woods. “We should go catch some breakfast, you of anyone knows how whiny humans are when they are hungry”. With a rare smile, Shalelu disappears into the darkness, her unbound blonde hair flicking out behind her, something you have never seen.

Final Lesson

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