Final Writes

Late in the night Ameiko is stirred by a quiet murmur. As she creeps out of bed she remembers they are in a sacred place, protected by the Kami. Luthien is sitting on watch out front their caravan she spots the rustling of Ameiko,

“It’s just Athebryn.”

“What’s he doing? It’s late he needs to sleep for tomorrow.”

“He’s just being Athebryn, go over, you’ll see he found himself an audience.”

Ameiko stumbles over to the silhouette of Athebryn against a faint glow, as she approaches she realises the glow is a small group of Kami, sitting like school children between Athebryn and Kelda’s remains.

“…the greatest battle of Kelda the protector was her last. Having slain-in-two monsters that threatened her clan, she smite all those who stood in her wake. Her peak was truly with her, but her clan’s was not – when confronted by two realised evil in the form of water, the clans blades did little, their songs shook off droplets, not buckets, and the hail the evil ones pelted on the clan brought them to their knees.

As the clan moved to escape a wet embrace from the reaper, the head of Kelda clan stood firm on it’s shoulders, bearing the gallons the enemy smashed her with until her clan claimed the liquid creatures victory for themselves, as Kelda abruptly left her peak, to join the ranks of Gorum… for… her…"

Ameiko puts her hand on Athebryn’s shoulder, “Gorum welcomed the glorious leader of Kelda clan, it was a young clan, and a strange one, but she brought it much reputation and strength, earning her rightful position at his side.”

Athebryn puts his hand on Ameiko’s, “thanks, I got choked up on the finale.”

“I didn’t realise you two were so close… if I expected to see anyone out here I expected Jinko.”

“Kelda and I had a special connection no one else had, and it wasn’t through talking. Two of a feather. We both left behind our worlds, losing our family and becoming a clan of one – we sought our fortune in fame. And yet we both found a clan. Our paths were aligned for a long time before our meeting, and now hers has come to an end, it made me wonder, if I do not forward her fame, her legacy, then who will forward my own? Is this what it is to be a clan member, both a writer and librarian?”

Ameiko thinks quietly, she has no response. She just doesn’t know the answers, “So… did you call these guys out here then? Can they understand you?”

“No, and I don’t know. I couldn’t sleep; the story of Kelda was riling inside me, it… it needed to be told. So I came out here and thought that if Kelda is watching over us she might like to hear it, I mean, everyone else here has, so I started telling her, and these guys… they just appeared here. I hope they can understand. I hope they can pass forward the tale. And, if I should be near my own finale, this is one of the last tales I would like to tell.”

Ameiko looks at Athebryn and she bursts into loud sobbing tears, her words unintelligible. Frightened the spirits retreat from the watery monster – they just heard how it had slain a great hero.

“Stop it Ameiko.” Athebryn demands with little compassion, "you are a ruler, many more will give their lives protecting you and what you represent. It is a death with meaning; not because someone mixed a potion too strong, because they tried to train an untameable beast, because snuck somewhere they shouldn’t or because they got on the wrong side of someone. They will die cause they believe in something bigger, and you will represent that.

So stop crying. Shed only a tear to show your pain. You will now need show your strength, our strength and do those who sacrifice themselves justice.”

Ameiko tries to stop crying, but is overwhelmed with guilt and fear, and the sobbing become uncontrollable.

“I’m sorry,” Athebryn says as he hugs Ameiko, “I don’t take back what I said, it’s true, but I didn’t mean to expect so much of you – I know it’ll take time.”

Ameiko eventually composes herself, “Well as a leader, I’m telling you now, go to bed… tomorrow we continue her legacy, and I’m expecting a lot from you.”

Final Writes

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