Kelda Oxgutter

Kelda 3

Age 21 – Deceased
Height 6’0"
Eyes Blue
Skin Pale
Hair Blonde
Faith Gorum

Kelda is the only survivor from and ill-fated raid on Brinewall Castle. The only daughter of a minor clan leader, Kelda quickly developed her battle prowess to improve the fortunes and status of her clan.

At the age of 15, Kelda was leading raid on small northern Erutaki encampments and by 17, she had her own longboat in which she led her men on a few daring raids along both the coast and down into Varisia. All the money and treasure she secured was for for clan was for naught, her father had organised to marry her off to another clan and used all the money she had earned as a dowry. In return, we would receive a position in the High Jarl’s court.

Less than impressed with this development, especially since her betrothed was not even a warrior, Kelda refused to go through with it. She believed that their clan could become respected in the courts through skill and prowess. Incensed at the snub, the other clan demanded weregild and it was decided that either her father hand over their holdings or he faced the grooms father in combat. To Kelda’s shame, her father turned out to be a coward and capitulated, the entire clan’s possessions were taken. Kelda walked away from her father that day and never looked back. The raid she led on Brinewall Castle was meant to fund the start of her own clan but fate had other ideas.

Kelda’s Theme

Kelda’s Theme

Relationships – Stories List

Preferred Gifts: Monster Trophies.
Hated Insults: Questioning her battle prowess

Athebryn (12 – Fellowship):

Luthien (12 – Fellowship):

Theibar (12 – Fellowship):

Jinko (18 – Fellowship): Kelda was greatly concerned about the little gnome to start with, he wielded strange powers like the Winter Witches and could strike people down with words. She has come to respect Jinko however, though small and physically weak, he has not shied away from fighting greater beasts than himself. That is true courage in her eyes, this small strange man had more heart than even her own father.

His powers also help her fight longer, faster and better and she is more than happy to use those benefits to destroy any who would seek to bully or hurt the strange little man.


Shalelu: Of all the travelers in the fact caravan, Kelda respects Shalelu the most. Due to their arena fight and their battle against the Rimerunner’s Guards, they have formed a strong bond. When Shalelu tracked down the assassin that had almost killed Ameiko and slew her in one on one combat, Kelda’s respect grew even more. Someone who is willing to go to such lengths to protect or avenge a slight against one of her chosen clan is to be applauded.. …and feared. Despite becoming more sociable and enjoying life, Kelda knows there is a cold, calculating killer just beneath that smile.

Sandru: Bossy, judgmental and a bit too “in charge” for her liking, Kelda grudgingly does respect that in times of trouble and pushed, the prancy gypsy has thrown himself into combat. He is also deceptively strong which confuses her as to why he wields such a girly weapon.

Koya: Kelda hopes to be as spry and lively when she reaches Koya’s age. Her strength and resilience in overcoming the Ice Crown has won Kelda as an admirer of the friendly and motherly Koya.

Matsuro: While a little quiet for her liking, Kelda does admire his focus in combat, he throws everything into his swings and seems to revel in defeating his foes. He is a little slow though, needs less armour.

Ulf: Ulf is a load-mouthed half-breed who sooks too much and can occasionally find the right path through a snowstorm I guess. If Ulf was a true Ulfen, he might also swing his swords a little better.

Kelda Oxgutter

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