Koya Mvashti

Koya mvashti

Age 66
Height 5’10
Eyes Grey
Skin Dusky
Hair Greying Black
Faith Desna

Until she passed away from natural causes just a few months ago, Madame Niska Mvashti was the oldest person in Sandpoint. No one quite knows exactly how old the Varisian seer actually was when she died (she was already old when Sandpoint was founded over 40 years ago)—but the fact that her only daughter Koya is herself an old woman is a telling fact.

Koya has spent a fair amount of her life traveling Varisia with a number of caravans, serving as a healer when she was younger and more recently as a fortune-teller. For the past several years, she’s been traveling with her adopted son Sandru Vhiski on a regular caravan route that travels between Riddleport, Magnimar, and Korvosa two or three times a year. The caravan spends most of
its time relatively close to Sandpoint, though, and that has suited Koya fine, since it gave her more time to care for her aged mother.

Since old Niska’s death, however, Koya’s initial mourning has transitioned into a sort of morose melancholy. A life-long worshiper of Desna, she has come to realize that while she has traveled extensively through the Varisian lowlands, she’s never been beyond the region’s borders. Tales of other Desnan explorers have long delighted Koya—even her own mother reputedly took part in several extensive caravans that traveled north to the Lands of the Linnorm Kings and even as far as Qadira.

Koya’s having something of a late-life crisis as a result—a growing sense of disappointment that she’s never made a long caravan trek. With her mother dead, Koya has little reason to stay in Varisia, and she’s been pressuring Sandru to take a long journey soon: “The sooner the better, ’cause I won’t be around for long!” Koya’s in remarkably good shape, physically, for a woman well over 60 years of age—obviously, longevity runs in her family—but with each year that passes, the chance of her having the chance to experience a truly epic journey like the ones in her favorite stories grows slimmer.

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Relationships – Stories List

Preferred Gifts: Detailed Maps
Hated Insults: Crass comments about her advanced age

Luthien (16 – Fellowship): Koya mothers everyone in town and Luthien is no exception. But it is more the acts of a kindly old woman than direct attention. She is kind to everyone and knows every persons name and makes sure that anyone suffering an injury or having money problems is helped. She has patched up her sister a few times but apart from that, looks upon the elf girl as any other of her town’s “children”.

Theibar (17 – Fellowship): Much like Luthien, Koya knows him and has attended to any injuries he has returned with. They have travelled a couple of times together on Shandru’s caravan and she is always interested in the places he has been.

Athebryn (20 – Fellowship): The gnome is quirky and full of fantastic stories but due to her travels, healing duties and looking after her (now deceased) mother, Koya has never had the chance to truly sit and listen to Athebrn’s adventures. She sometimes reads about them in the Sandpoint Chronicle though.

Jinko (16 – Fellowship): Koya has yet to spend any real time with the gnome but she senses a strong magical talent and the bindings of fate around him. His talent for alchemy impresses her and she looks forward to swapping recipes and ideas.

Sandru: Sandru is her adopted son and she loves him dearly. She has raised him since he was 10 along with his younger brother. The loss of the younger boy weighs heavy on her still and she dotes a lot on Shandru. She is very proud of his success as a merchant and that he could have very easily fallen in with the Sczarni and become a (wealthy) criminal. She just wishes he would find a nice girl as he a kind and gentle boy who deserves to be happy.

Ameiko: Koya secretly wishes that Ameiko would be that “nice girl” mentioned above. She finds Ameiko to be a lovely and sweet young woman who is fiercely independent and is well grounded. The young lady often brings her fresh food and checks in on her when Shandru is away. Koya actually thinks there may have been something between the two when they were adventuring together but she has never pried and they have never spoken of it.

Shalelu: Koya always goes to see the elf when she has returned to Sandpoint to ask many questions about her trip and experiences. While she maintains a serious look during these talks, Shalelu secretly doesn’t mind even it does freak her out a little that this old human follows her around town and that Shalelu has to pick up her speed to keep up.

Koya Mvashti

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