MiyaroBorn in northern Minkai, Miyaro was the daughter of a notorious kitsune bandit chieftain. When she was just a babe in arms, her father led his bandits into the southern fringes of the Forest of Spirits while trying to escape imperial troops. The bandits set up a defensive position in a grove of ancient trees, but when the imperial troops caught up to them, they found all of the bandits slain. Fearing the spirits of the haunted forest, the Minkaians quickly returned to their homeland.

When Miyaro’s father did not return, her mother went into the forest in search of him. There, she found the kami of the forest, who informed her they had killed her husband when he desecrated one of their most sacred groves. Furthermore, as his widow, Miyaro’s mother had inherited her husband’s dishonor, and unless she made amends, the spirits would hold her accountable as well. Miyaro’s mother, a traditional woman who had always honored the kami, was horrified at this revelation. She offered her daughter Miyaro to the kami, to be raised by the spirits and taught to respect them. When the kami accepted her gift, Miyaro’s mother committed suicide, sealing the pact with her lifeblood.

And so Miyaro grew up in the Forest of Spirits, a child of the kami, but not one of them. As she grew older, she became an agent of her adoptive family, going where they could not and acting when they were forbidden to do so, always in opposition to the oni of the Five Storms, who had mysteriously escaped their imprisonment in the Forest of Spirits before she was born.
When the ripples of fate informed the kami that scions of the Amatatsu family, the last surviving imperial family of Minkai, were returning to Tian Xia, they sent Miyaro to the city of Ordu-Aganhei in Hongal to wait for the arrival of the strangers, and to verify that they bear with them the true heir to the throne of Minkai.

Like a fox prowling the edges of a farmyard, Miyaro risks living on the borders of human lands to learn what she can about the Five Storms. The kami she serves do not leave the Forest of Spirits, so it is up to Miyaro to be their eyes and ears in the lands outside. Ordu-Aganhei offers Miyaro the chance to hear gossip about the Five Storms, so she goes to great lengths to blend into the villages near the city, passing as a simple peasant woman of no consequence to do so.

Although her appearance is no more unusual than any kitsune’s, Miyaro’s mannerisms seem odd at times, as if she were just a visitor in this world. Although a living, physical being, Miyaro feels more like a kami in her heart, and she responds to the outside world much as a kami would. She is strange and aloof, at times fascinated by the colors of the carpet of pine needles under the trees, at other times pausing for several minutes to admire the way the sun dances along a mountain ridge. Miyaro is not acquisitive—money and treasure do not interest her in the slightest, other than as means to reach an end. She is likely to walk past a jeweled sword to admire a flower or put aside a magic staff to look at the lichen growing behind it.

Miyaro has to work at blending in with humanity, and while she’s had plenty of experience, she is not used to working closely with humans as companions. Those who observe her intently soon discover that Miyaro is a consummate actress—her performance is almost f lawless, but she is nonetheless playing a role. Even so, with time, the PCs can truly befriend Miyaro, and as she becomes more comfortable in their company, so too does she warm to them and become a loyal and steadfast ally, though her heart will forever belong to the Forest of Spirits.


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