Public Bathing

During the eve of the Gnomish Camp stay, Shalelu is joyous and lose after a few stiff drinks coaxed into her by the unwavering teamwork of Ameiko and Athebryn, the evening has turned out surprisingly well, though there is a strong feeling of mischief.

Attempting to get her wits about her Shalelu heads back to the caravan for a short breather from the strong liqeur – she is closely tracked by Ameiko, Athebryn and Luthien, and storm is brewing. While her skills may be dulled, they are not as dull as these three, and Shalelu, manages to lose them on the way to the caravan.

The surprising heat of the forest, and the alcohol has made Shay need to cut down a bit on the things she’s carrying. As she unarms herself as this village is strange but clearly harmless, and as she does so she, hears the pitter pater of Athebryn.

“What? Brought me more grog already?”

“Actually, no, I wanted to… give you something” Athebryn looks shy, and small in demeaner, or perhaps it’s just the beer goggles.

“Well, what is it?”

Athebryn pulls from behind his back a rather small, but intricate painting. Shalelu begins to study it, she can see the nervous twitching of Athebryn in the background. The picture is surprisingly well done and subtle in colour; “You’re trying your hand at Elven art again?”

Athebryn looking less nervous, “Yes, I thought you might appreciate it.”

“I’m quite surprised. It’s distinctly you, but could pass.”

She continues to look at the picture, there’s a waterfall, and some rocks with beautiful flora around it. Impressively, the flora is accurate, even down to where it is in the scene. The picture feels almost nostlogic. As her eyes being to reach to the centre of the image, she realises there’s a beautiful naked figure bathing; her ears are pointed and her hair colour changes the down the whole length.

“I’m glad you like the painting," assumes Athebryn, “I thought you should have it. I hope you don’t mind about the hair colour, I just wasn’t sure which hair colour you liked best, so did each colour you’ve had.”

Shalelu stares blankly at Athebryn, and he begins to get nervous again, she looks down at the painting and hears the scattering of his feet as he disappears. Upon closer inspection she quickly realises that the scene is so familiar, because it was near Sandpoint, and it was a private place she bathed…

Shalelu rushes out the door, unequipped, she sees the little bastard running off and throws the only thing she has – the painting. He ducks under a caravan, and the painting leaves a good dent in it’s side. Before the painting has had chance to settle on the ground, she hears the breeze of the wind, as the painting disappears, followed by the haunting laughter of her little sister.

“Glad to see you shower, Sis” whispers the wind.

Enraged, Shalelu hunts down Athebryn only to find him hiding in a caravan, with Ameiko on guard out front.
“Let me at him”

“Shay… no.”

“Move now, or be added to the collateral.”

Ameiko and Shay being to stare down each other, when quietly, from around the corner, Luthien appears. “Com’on sis, he’s harmless.” Luthien pulls the painting out from her folds of clothing, flashing it to Ameiko as she hands it to Shalelu.

“Wow Shay, look at you” say Ameiko.

Shalelu blushes a bit and stiffens her posture.

“Look Sis, it’s actually a very pretty picture… I’d take it as a compliment, he draw you beautifully because that’s what he saw. Now, if only we could get a real bachelor to see you that way.”

Shay justles a little bit with Luthien, she then slides the picture into the caravan, “Cover me up, and bring it back.”

“You’re not gonna kill me?”

“It is a nice picture.”

“Really? What about the…”

“Don’t push your luck” and with a flick of her hair she leads Ameiko and Luthien back for some more drinking.

As she wanders off Shalelu thinks to herself, “The mischievous air must have been just this, a painting…” she breathes a sigh of relief, “Lucky, I thought they were planning to do something to my hair.”

Public Bathing

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