Sandru Vhiski

Sandru vhiski

Age 37
Height 5’9"
Eyes Brown
Skin Swarthy
Hair Dark Brown
Faith ?

Only a few years from middle age, Sandru Vhiski is a charming man, handsome and irreverent in precisely the ways that could have made him a highly successful Sczarni con artist, even before one takes into account in the fact that his older brother, Jubrayl, is said to be the local Sczarni leader in Sandpoint. The death of their parents during a violent storm, while tragic, was ironically just the thing to save Sandru from life as a Sczarni, for while Jubrayl was old enough at the point to strike out on his own (and thus fell in completely with the Sczarni), Sandru was still a young child.

His care fell to Koya Mvashti, a family friend and practically an aunt to the young Sandru. Under her guidance and support, Sandru managed to avoid falling in with the Sczarni, and when he grew of age, he instead sought employment as a caravan guard.

For several years, Sandru avoided returning to Sandpoint, but after he lost his job in the caravan business, he joined up with a group of adventurers eager to explore the Mushfens, Churlwood, and the Fogscar Mountains. As fate would have it, another former resident of Sandpoint, Ameiko Kaijitsu, was also a member of the group.

Sandru and Ameiko hit it off at once and soon became close friends—though both say they have never been anything more than that. Like Ameiko, Sandru earned a fair amount of money during his short-lived adventuring days, and like Ameiko, he doesn’t talk about the reasons why he abandoned the life. When he retired from adventuring, instead of buying a tavern, he bought his own caravan, after which he invited Koya to join him on his journeys, knowing she wanted to see more of the world.

He’s had a few clashes with his brother in the past few years, and you’ve heard he’s increasingly considering taking on a longer-thannormal caravan contract, in part to indulge Koya’s desire to experience a grand journey, and in part to get away from the dangerous influence of his troublemaking older brother and Jubrayl’s Sczarni compatriots.

Sandru’s Theme


Relationships – Stories List

Preferred Gifts: Fine Foodstuff (particularly shellfish and brandy)
Hated insults: Implications of criminal activity (especially with the Sczarni)

Athebryn (16 – Fellowship): Unlike a lot of people, Sandru somewhat gets the colourful gnome. Sandru has embraced the Varisian love for life, friendship, music and cooking. He has happily tested several of Athebryn’s creations, not always to a happy ending.

The fact they are not closer is more due to Sandru not being around Ameiko much during the time the gnome started working for her. And the journey so far has been far from quiet but he has enjoyed the merriment Athebryn has brought considering there are few dour people around. The gnome seems to really make Koya happy as well which makes him glad.

Luthien (20 – Fellowship): Sandru is not sure how Luthien is Shalelu’s twin sister. The two could not be any more different as far as he can tell. He has know of the elven woman for a while but always kept his distance due to Shalelu’s presence. He knew she was a skilled entertainer and thought her pretty but irreverent. She seemed friendly and has been entertaining to have on the long roads.

After the last few weeks though, Sandru has realized there was more to the “dancer” then meets the eye. She was quick and lethal in combat, and now it seems, a secret protector of Ameiko. Because of this, Sandru has all but forgotten his misgivings due to Shalalu’s influence and genuinely likes the young elven woman.

Theibar (30 – Fellowship): For a long time, Sandru only knew of the ranger through Shalelu and Ameiko. As he was Shalelu’s apprentice he tried to have as little as possible with him. The elf also had a reputation for having little patience for humankind. If it wasn’t for Ameiko asking the young elf to act as an escort for their last caravan foray, it may have ended with that.

Sandru, while still wary due to still having a strong dislike for Shalelu, has come to respect the ranger. He works hard, is a skilled tracker and an impressive warrior. Sandru even decided to teach him to gamble and play games of skill, trying to show that not all humans are thieving sods. Sandru is glad he is along for the journey but is still careful about what he says around him.


Sandru learnt long ago that that a good caravan will only get you so far along a road, it is good companions that help you reach the destination. Sandru has generally always been an easy going person but he has found on this journey that he has had to become stern and bossy to ensure the survival of the caravan. This has driven a few people away so for that reason, he appreciates Theibar’s companionship even more.

Any reservations he had about the elf is gone, he has become a great boon to ensuring the safety of the caravan as well as a worthy gambling partner. Sandru is greatly looking forward to reaching civilisation, a great city where he can relax a little again and take the ranger out for some real drinking. He has heard of the great gambling dens of the Tians and is looking forward to spending his and Theibar’s earnings on a few nights of entertainment.


The unlikely bond Sandru has formed with Theibar has made Sandru’s post revolution plans difficult. The journey and loss of his mother had really drained the Varisian and his concern for all of his companions safety had really turned him into a bit of a grump. Except in the company of the elven ranger. Each long, terror filled day was ended with some relaxing smoking, cards and rampant boasting with his gambling protégé.

Sandru’s only regret is that when they first ever traveled together, the young elf as a hired tracker and guide, he had more of an effort to engage him. There would have been so much more early profits to be made in those days with the naive elf with cards and dice.

Sandru now counts Theibar as his closest friend, a boon companion who had shown the best of what his race could offer: grace, courage and loyalty to those he swore to protect. Sandru would never forget what he had done for Ameiko and the care he gave to Koya. Whilst he had not settled on what his future will hold, for now he looks forward to fighting side by side with his friend one last time. After all, there are still some things he could show the know-it all elf.

Jinko (11 – Friendship): While concerned about having another gnome on the caravan, Sandru finds Jinko fairly quiet and subdued. The rumour of strange magic concerns him however and though his mother trusts him, she is to trusting for her own good. If things start to wrong over the Crown of the World, he knows where to look first for the Ulfen are right this one time, strange magics are never good.

Ameiko: The two have a long and varied history that was broken for a few years after they returned from adventuring. However, they have mended their friendship and are quite close. Some have rumoured that they are secretly a couple, something they both deny immediately.

Koya: Sandru loves Koya like any son loves their mother, despite not being his birth parent. She raised, cared, educated and supported him and he will never forget that. He loves the fact that he can at least show her some of Varisia now on his caravan. While a passive person, if anyone ever threatened or hurt her, he would travel to the ends of the world to end that person’s life.

Shalelu – Whilst he is an easy going person who gets on with everyone, he has very little time for the elf. He finds her brash, blunt and ignorant of human ways. And the fact he felt this way before she tracked him down in the wilderness after he left Ameiko and Sandpoint and gave him a lecture. An argument broke out between them and despite being a fairly strong person and very handy with a sword, he found himself pulled from his caravan and pinned to the ground with a sword at his throat. The look in her eyes made him believe she was going to kill him there and then. She just left. They have never spoken of the altercation and generally avoid each other. Ameiko is completely oblivious to the rivalry between her two best friends.

Sandru Vhiski

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