Shalelu Andosana

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Age 130
Height 5’10"
Eyes Pale Blue
Skin Pale
Hair Blonde (Shalelu often dyes her hair and can range from pale green to black)
Faith Desna

Although Shalelu Andosana is something of a mystery to the residents of Sandpoint, she’s certainly one of the town’s most admired defenders. She doesn’t actually live in town, but she sometimes spends the night at the Rusty Dragon free of charge, thanks to her long friendship with Ameiko Kaijitsu.

Everyone in town knows that Shalelu is something of a loner and prefers to spend her time wandering in and exploring the wilderness around Sandpoint. She periodically vanishes from the region for weeks or even months at a time to visit friends elsewhere in Varisia (particularly, it’s said, near Hook Mountain or up north near the elven village of Crying Leaf ), but she never fails to return to Sandpoint. No one quite understands why she keeps coming back. When asked why, she merely says, “Someone’s got to keep an eye on you all.”

Her timely reports of goblin activity have helped save folk from ambushes or warned the militia of possible attacks on the town or the surrounding farmlands numerous times. Yet in recent days, Sheriff Hemlock has begun taking a more active role in patrolling the surrounding area, and his militia is better trained now than ever before, which means that Shalelu’s aid in keeping an eye on the hinterlands is growing less and less necessary. She actually seems relatively pleased with this development, however, as though she’s proud that Sandpoint is finally starting to look after itself rather than disappointed at not being needed any longer. She has even started hinting that she’s thinking of taking a long journey away from Sandpoint sometime in the future, but whenever she is pressed for details, she just shrugs and changes the topic.

Shalelu’s Theme


Relationships – Stories List

Preferred Gifts: Nature-themed works of art
Hated Insults: Implications that she is frigid or incapable of love

Luthien (31 – Devoted): Shalelu has always had a soft spot for her “little sister” even though she has never fully understood her. Being the only family each other have, Shalelu can be quite protective of Luthien and is one of the reasons she has always defended Sandpoint. Shalelu hopes to find time to finally spend some time with her sister and re-ignite their old bond.


Reconnecting with her sister has made Shalelu feel like she is a child again. The old competiveness, games and knowing unspoken looks have flowed back except, she doesn’t win like she used to. This journey is much like home, constant danger, threats of demons and uncomfortable bedding but there is one improvement, she and Luthien can stand side by side against the surging tide.

While Shalelu will always be the “older” sister, she no longer feels that she must be the protective sister but instead, just be the “cool” sister. She is still determined to get Luthien to appreciate the natural world but is secretly concerned about her interest in Matsuro. While not because he a whiny, boastful idiot but because of baring witness to what her mother and step-father went through.


As they were as children, the twin elves have reconnected on an almost psychic level. Their travels, challenges and growth have brought them closer than ever before. Conversations are now sometimes glances, knowing looks and smiles from across the room. While very different in outlook and abilities, a careful observer would see many similar idiosyncrasies between the two.

Any reservations the Yellow-haired Demon had in Luthien’s and Matsuro’s relation have dissipated and she truly hopes that her sister finds ultimate happiness. While still very aware of how fleeting the relationship will be in Luthien’s life, she will be there to console and live on with. Her sister can even bring all her cats she will have when she becomes a single, widowed spinster.


Theibar (30 – Devotion): Despite spending a fair amount of time together in the wilderness, Shalelu has always been very mercenary with Theibar. She took on a teaching role but kept an emotional distance from him for reasons known only to her. She is proud of what he has achieved and what he has learnt and now that he is skilled in his own right, maybe she can be less of a mentor and more of a companion.


Theibar has become the target of Shalelu’s “awkward” attempts to mingle and relax. She has pushed him into rivers, laughed at some of his spectacular riding and acrobatic failures and tried to lure him into competitive ventures in the wilds. She has so far gotten away with it because she believes she still somewhat felt like his master. However, that time has passed, she can see that he has really grown into a powerful swordsman and has surpassed her skill in the wilderness.

Shalelu now focuses on being a good friend now, and wants to try help him avoid walking down the path of Forlorn. It might be blind leading the blind, but she is determined to that even if he never feels for her like she has started to feel for him, he will feel that love for life in general.


While Crying Leaf, her home, is place of demons, drow and horror, Shalelu is thankful for her early life growing up there. Without the knowledge of what life could be like, she might not have appreciated what she has with Theibar now. More than just her lover, friend and equal, he represents a new chapter in her life.

Despite what awaits in the Palace of the Jade Regent, it is nothing that she has not seen before in her childhood. And because of that, she does not have fear, it is the only obstacle now between her and her life with Theibar. Not that she knows what that life will entail. She is happy to spend the next few decades in Minkai with Theibar, Luthien and Ameiko. But the two of them will still be young, and what they will do after that is what truly excites her.

Final Lesson

Athebryn (18 – Fellowship): Athebryn completely perplexes Shalelu, he is a strange, brilliant, creative and completely random little creature. Shalelu has had only minimal contact with him during her short stays in Sandpoint she has learnt very quickly to keep her wits about her as he seems to view her as a prime target for some of his hi-jinx. And while this has usually resulted in Ameiko having to hold her friend back from throttling the little prankster (while secretly laughing) Shalelu admits (grudgingly) that the little fellow brings a certain charm to the Rusty Dragon.


Of all the companions, it is only Athebryn that can still make her lose her calm, stoic persona in way that frustrates her no end. While she feels much more relaxed in general and is the happiest she has been in years, the green haired runt knows how to get a rise out of her. Yet, she cannot help but admire and even like the gnome, he brings a levity to the caravan that is required and can reach Ameiko in a way that she cannot. She would like it if some of the levity did not come from her expense.

He has also proven his heart in battle and has become a surprisingly skilled and lethal archer. She quietly muses that he is even a better archer than her previous student and is not sure whether that is stain on her teachings or Theibar’s skill.

Jinko (30 – Respected): Shay has know Jinko for some time, ever since she came to his rescue when bandits preyed upon him and his parents. Cutting them down, Shalelu managed to overcome her natural dislike for half-orcs to escort them safely to a new village. She stayed a little while to ensure that the family was not run-out or bullied before returning to Sandpoint. Shay now feels a little guilty for leaving the family in such a remote and dangerous place and vows to track down the strange little gnomes adoptive parents.


Shalelu has seen a great change in the young gnome since their first meeting. Now seemingly comfortable with his powers he is confident and outgoing. She is sometimes concerned about his ways and methods and feels a little responsible for leaving him and his parents all those years ago with offering further guidance.

While she believes his parents still live, Shalelu tries to set a good example for the gnome and offer a parental figure to try and curb his growing reckless ways. She understands that he is displaying survival instincts, it is how she used to be, but she wants to ensure neither he or her friends are injured by his powers.


While most have come to fear the powers that Jinko wields, Shalelu has had time to put it into perspective. She still feels slightly responsible for the predicament she left him and his family in but has also accepted that the gnome is an adult and has made his decisions. His methods are sometimes ruthless but he has always wielded his powers in defence of her and her friends. And while others judge, Shalelu has taken stock that they are not that far removed. How many have died at the end of her bow? She has slain so many in their travels, demons, humans and others that she could not count. And never with hesitation. Much like many others in the group, how someone dies matters little in the end, the act is still the same. It is only justification that changes.

His mother has been found and she will honour her pledge to him, she will find his father and once returned to a family, she hopes that while dark in appearance, his magic is used to protect. She will respect that and will never judge.

Ameiko: Ameiko is Shalelu’s best friend and the two are quite close. After Luthien, Ameiko probably knows the most about the reserved elf. For her part, Shalelu looks upon Ameiko has a second sister and can be a little protective and has taken Matsuro to task on several occasions due to his behaviour towards his half-sister. On more than one occasional, the Tian woman as managed to get the elven woman quite drunk and got her singing along with one of her ballads. Shalelu refuses to acknowledge that this has ever happened.

Sandru: Shalelu has little time for the Varisian caravanner and has heated words with him in the past. She knows something happened when he and Ameiko were adventuring together, something neither will speak about but makes Ameiko sad when it is brought up. This was made worse when Ameiko returned to Sandpoint and the Varisian packed up and left her without a word, causing Shalelu to hunt him down in the wilderness and give him a full on spray. However, he and Ameiko seem to have recently mended their friendship so for now Shalelu watches him like a hawk.

Koya: Koya is one of the reasons why humans freak Shalelu out a little. She has watched this young women turn into an old, spindly crone in what seems to her, a very short time. However, she respects Koya for her kind ways and has made use of the old woman’s healing and abilities over the years. Their shared love for the Goddess, Desna also gives the two much to talk about and Koya is always interested to hear about the places the young elf has walked.

Shalelu Andosana

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