Smile and Nod

Coastal winds whipped at the caravans as they pulled into a natural cove, all but hidden from the road. The caravan had been staying off the road as much as possible since the flight from Riddleport. So far, no enemies appeared on the horizon.

The freed slaves were tired and still in shock, Spivey and Koya tended to them as best they could. Ameiko, Athebryn and Luthien had tried to raise their spirits with ballads and dance but an uncertainty lingered in their eyes.

Unnoticed (they thought, Shalelu and Luthien’s eyes aware of their every movement), Ameiko and Athebryn snuck out of camp to explore the beach. With the gnome snacking on a toffey apple Koya had bought back in the city, Ameiko finally broke her recent and uncommon quietness.

“What are we doing?” Her voice was loud and squeeked slightly. Looking surprised at how her outburst had come out, she cleared her voice and looked down at her little friend.

“I am no princess and I am certainly no empress. I am a bar wench, an awesome bar wench mind you, but a bar wench all the same. From what I saw in the vision, the people have enough problems without me showing and say, hi, I am your ruler!!”

Stopping to pick up a particularly pretty shell, the Tian woman looked back to her also unusually quick friend to find he had the toffy apple had stuck in his mouth. Just his expressive eyebrows were visible over the giant lolly. In response to her sudden attention to his plight, he just shrugged and continued pulling at the stuck treat.

Holding back tears of laughter, Ameiko stood and started for a nearby rock pool.

“I am destined? Me? People in my tales are destined, myths and legends are destined. What can I do? These people are torn, suppressed and need a warrior of myth, not a drunken adventurer?”.
“Mmmm” With the toffy now accepted as being stuck, Athebryn gave the woman a pat on the back and the most re-assuring sound he could make.

Looking back at the caravan and the some of the freed slaves wandering around, Ameiko’s jaw stiffened slightly. “Before we even think of Empires, we need to help these people. If I cannot assist a dozen tormented slaves how can I aid a nation?” Looking at her companion who now sat with his feet dangling in a pool of water she nodded in agreement of her own statement. Shaking off her own boots, she sat down and dipped her feet in the cool water.

“Remember those bullies when we first met? Well, I think the role has been reversed, I face my own bullies now. Huge, terrifying, super powerful demonic bullies, but bullies all the same. How about you take care of them for me and I get right to the having grapes dropped into my mouth by beautiful half-naked men?

The “look” she received from the gnome was enough to show his thoughts of that idea but it didn’t stop her from grabbing him and giving him a hug. “You could offer the demons your cooking, that might send them back to their world”.

Athebryn didn’t even have time to get revenge for a such slight on his culinary skills because a small crab had chosen that moment to show his displeasure at having stinky human feet in his pool. With a shriek, the future Empress of Minkai shot up, slipped and tumbled down in the ocean. The stickiest of toffy apples would not held against the laughter erupting from the gnome, the remaining sweet shooting into the water before he too felt the nippy displeasure of the crab and ending up in the water.

From a cliff ledge, the elven sisters watched as the unlikely two friends tumbled and rolled around in the surf, each struggling to get a footing before being dumped again into the sand.
“Who should we feel more sorry for you think, the people of Minkai or the Five Storms?” the scarf wrapped elf said.
“Us” replied her sister “feel very, very sorry for us”.

Smile and Nod

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