Stitched Stars

As the preparations for paying respects to Kelda are underway Athebryn grabs Koya aside, “There’s something I’ve been wanting to give you for quite awhile. I wanted to wait until a special time to do it. And, I guess this qualifies.”

“Right now? I really need to finish my preparations.”

“Then it’s already a little late.”

Athebryn take Koya aside from the preparations, he digs into his hat and pulls out a 10ft rolled up rug. He slowly unrolls it showing beautifully delicate stitching depicting Desna standing gloriously on a platform.

“This is for when you need an idol to help others worship, provide protection to those around you, and for important ceremonies.”

“It’s beautiful, so delicate and yes, now is a great time to use it, I can drape it over…”

“No, no… Just lie it flat on the ground so she is looking the right direction. This rug is special.”

Athebryn and Koya lay the rug looking towards the camp in a clearing ready for Kelda’s ceremony. Once in place, with a little drama, he releases the spell slowly, and the 10ft tall Desna statue materializes on the rug, Koya gasps.

“Athebryn, this is… too much! Too generous, too beautiful, and most importantly too big!” She let’s out a smile.

“Should a gift from me be any less?”

Koya smiles and gentle places her hand on Athebryn’s shoulder as she inspects the present; “While Kelda was a follower of Gorum, I’m sure she would be proud to have this statue at her farewell. With this statue our message to Desna will be clear, and loud, and she will give Kelda safe passage to Gorum. Thank you Athebryn, now was a good time.” she beams down at him.

Athebryn smiles, proud of his planning and purchasing… but his mind is quickly brought back to the reality they face; burying a comrade, killed in the place they were to return to.

“Provided I am not drained, I can put the statue back into the rug, and once a week she needs to air.

Tomorrow, please bring this rug, at any time tell me, and as long as I can hear, I will release her from the rug. Use her to bring protection and presence in battle. We will need all the blessings we can get."

Koya’s eyes drain from their fleeting happiness quickly filled with concern; she’d seen the path ahead and knows Athebryn’s concern, “One step at a time little Bard. First we say farewell.”

Stitched Stars

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