The exodus from Riddleport lead deep into the night and late into the following morning. By midday, the caravan had drawn to a stop; the horses sign with exhaustion. Without delay, the rangers secure the caravan’s location and attempt to erase their tracks. A well-rested Shalelu volunteers for the first patrol, while a weary Theibar ventures into the surrounding woodlands to gather supplies to support the ever increasing troupe.

It is late in the evening before Shalelu returns to camp. Silently she moves towards the fire where she is greeted by an almost familiar scene. Theibar sits staring at the dying fie, his eye deep with fatigue. He looks up at this old teacher, now his friend, and smiles a drunken grin. Shalelu sits beside him and takes the flagon from his hand.

“You must rest.” She whispers, tipping her head back to claim the last mouthful of lukewarm mead.
“I am trying to heed your advice, Shay. But a species that would treat one another with such vulgarity and disrespect-“ Theibar pauses, shaking his head. Shalelu remains silent. “You are fortunate to not have bared witness to this evening’s horrors. The Deep Dragon disguised as the Dwarf and the Drow were epitomes of their species and I cannot help feel that those humans were a clear reflection of the nature of man. Perhaps Ameiko, Sandru and Koya are simply unique oddities outside that of mankind.”

A few moments of silence pass between the two. For a brief moment, the they independently glance towards the stars and silently pray to Desna for guidance.

“Oh.” Theibar murmurs quietly and he leans to his satchel. Producing a small pouch, he turns to hold it before his evlen friend. “I found this at a street vendor in Riddleport. I believe it to be useful, particularly for when we return to Sandpoint and you venture off on one of your sabbaticals.” Shalelu takes the pouch and smiles gratefully. With that, Theibar stands, manages a curious bow, before stumbling to his bedroll.


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