The gossiping book

It was late morning by the time Athebryn got up, he’d been socialising pretty hard these past few days and today was the last day before they set off again. As he stumbled out of his caravan most the icons of their caravan were already gone out for the day, a few of the drivers and helpers remained to start packing up. Sitting like stone on the front of a caravan, Ameiko stared off blankly.

Athebryn climbed up beside her and realised her gaze wasn’t quite on the caravan, instead her intensity was aimed a bit over from the working men of the caravan but didn’t seem to be at anything in particular.

Athebryn sits beside her and copies her posture, trying to look where she is, but he’s looking straight down the main road of the village, with nothing much there. So he puts his face up right close to hers and looks in the same direction, he’s still not sure what there is to see. He starts pushing his face into hers until Ameiko finally gives in and moves her head, Athebryn putting his were hers was.

Ameiko chuckles a little as she looks at his eyes darting about and him adjusting his head trying to find what she was looking at, she then sighs back into her serious mood again as she slides over into a comfortable position less under Athebryn.

“… Ah, so you are having some fun then,” something catches Athebryn’s eye and he winks at her, “but who ever did you her about this from, you pervert!”

Ameiko is confused, and a little offended. She goes to open her mouth and tell Athebryn to clean out his when where she was blankly staring is filled with crashing motion; a very passionate, graphic display of lust starts to play out in the open window of the building ahe was staring in the direction of.

Ameiko turns bright red, and laughs, while trying to keep the noise down so it doesn’t carry to the couple.

“Oh? So you didn’t know?”

Ameiko shakes her head, a little ashamed, and her mood calms as the flushing drains.

“Well you are in for a treat! Apparently these two are quite perverted, and have some real stamina on them too. Mind you that isn’t her husband, he’s off hunting for the day.”

Ameiko clentches her eyebrows at at Athebryn, “Really?? Who have you been talking to?”

“Everyone. Loads of people know, she’s staying with the husband because she know her lover just can’t support her.”

“That poor man.”

Everyone knows.”

“Really? But why doesn’t he stop, her or confront her?”

“As far as i know, he loves her. That’s all there is to it; all the shame, pity and gossip doesn’t bother him cause he has love.”

Ameiko looks back at the window a little disgusted at the situation.

Athebryn quitely says “I really do envy you humans sometimes.”

Ameiko looks back at Athebryn, his large golden eyes, crazy hat, dark skin and glistening green hair are suddenly so foreign. For so long she thought of Athebryn as he little mate, she’d forgotten that he really was only half of this world at the time he’d known Ameiko in comparison to his ages wasn’t all that long. The mood deepens again, as she begins thinking of the diversity that is people, and what it would mean to ‘rule’ them.

“Well,” Athebryn sees he que to leave, “all work and no play makes for a dull Princess.”

Athebryn bows as he hands her a small book he’s been scribbling in. He wonders off, into the darkness. Its to hard to decipher the scribblings of poetry or whatever he’s written in this light. Ameiko puts it aside until the sunlight appears, contemplating her future between. By the time light breaks Ameiko has heard half of the places Athebryn has been, uproars of laughter, woos and other noises of a distinctly gossipy town comes from each spot he’s stopped. She cracks the book of poetry open and starts to decipher the writing.

“6 seasons ago a Tian man and his cart came in. They had terrible diarrhoea cause boy did they stink. No, apparently not, the stink was a type of fermented soy bean. Some people in the village liked it, but it was more popular in Tian according to the man….” as Ameiko reads on she realises that the book has very little poetry (and those bits are from Tian) and is mostly the accounts of this village with any travellors from Tian; things they wore and ate, weird customs etc. By the looks of it he’d been writing it while walking between ‘meetings’.

Ameiko thinks to herself, ‘All work and no play, huh? Who’s the one who’s been working?’ She smiles to herself and slumps back into a more relaxed position and soaking in the writings of Inuit’s gossip on Tian.

The gossiping book

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