The Meaning of Friendship

As the caravan slowly pulled away from Brinewall Village on its way to Riddleport, Luthien sat in her customary spot atop the roof of the brightly coloured gypsy wagon she shared with Ameiko and Shalelu. The last few weeks had been troubling to say the least with Ameiko’s unexplained illness and the discovery and subsequent massacre of the Seven Swords in Brinewall Castle. Not to mention the strange vision, naming Ameiko the future Empress and Theibar, Athebryn, Matsuro and Luthien as Scions.

Luthien reflected on the change that her sworn duty had now taken. Not only was she sworn to guard the sole remaining member of the Kaijitsu/ Amatatsu Clan but now, the future Empress of the Realm. Another troubling change was the friendship she was beginning to build with Ameiko. While she had no doubt that she could use all of her well honed abilities to guard the empress of the realm, could she act rationally and calmly when her friend was threatened?

The road to Riddleport was relatively well marked so Shalelu and Theibar were travelling with the caravan. Shalelu looked relaxed and happy as she rode beside her closest friend, Ameiko. At no time in their lives had Luthien ever seen such a serene look on her sister’s face. The haunted look at the likely loss of yet another person she cared for had gone. Luthien was happy that Shalelu had a friend like Ameiko, if only to ward off the fall to Forlorn for a few years. Such a powerful friendship should be marked in some way.

A bard would compose a moving ode to friendship but Luthien was no bard. Ameiko had been teaching her the Samisen and her skills had grown over their travels. She decided that she would write a song for Ameiko and Shalelu to immortalise their friendship. Hopefully she could write a song that would tell anyone who would listen of the epic friendship between the human empress and the elven ranger that would transcend the ages and go down in history.

Luthien spent days working on the composition and finished it just in time for the last evening before their arrival in Riddleport. After dinner when everyone was sitting around the fire and she would normally dance while the bards played, she announced that this evening’s entertainment would be slightly different, dedicated to Ameiko and Shalelu. Ignoring the expected jibes about exotic dancing, she took out her Samisen and began to play the song.

The Meaning of Friendship

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